Professional metal processing.
Highly experienced & equipped personnel


Applied welding methods and tools

  • TIG/GTAW manual welding of austenitic high-grade steel pipe systems and components
  • TIG/GTAW orbital welding of austenitic high-grade steel pipe systems and components

The fitters of the Weis Company have had the best possible training and have extensive professional experience. Besides orbital welders according to DIN EN 1418 and certified TIG/GTAW manual welders according to DIN EN 287-1 our permanent staff includes fitters, plant fitters according to ISO, site managers, qualified personnel for endoscopy (certified VT2 examiners) and welding experts. Each individual employee is equipped with tools, TIG/GTAW manual welding gear, workbench and special-purpose tools for high-grade steel processing, incl. manual and power tools. The Weis Company rents out orbital welding equipment and weld heads.

The Weis Company guarantees maximum quality to our customers and thus security. The qualified personnel is regularly tested and certified.

The qualification of the Weis Company speaks for itself: licensed according to the German Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz - AÜG), welder certificates according to DIN EN 287-1.

Business fields:

Pharmaceutics & food
Pipeline construction